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Who am I - Coaching

Transformational trainer

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Who are you, what do you want, where are you going, why?

Everything you pay attention to grows and thrives!

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What is coaching?

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Coaching can be a targeted training for those who are looking to achieve a certain goal. Individuals, couples, groups, students, parents and businesses can take advantage of coaching. This type of training includes regular conversations and can call for a renewal of attitudes, values, strengths and behaviors of target seekers.

All kinds of challenges can be coached, e.g. personal goals, more confidence, better self-image, boost self-esteem. You can also consider a healthier lifestyle, build a more successful team within a company, change the corporate culture, everything related to structure, do good even better to mention few.

I would like to describe this as a self-knowledge conversation, as the coach helps the goal-seeker to see his inner vision, to get to the core. The goal-seeker can find out who he really is and what he wants. You can say that one can find its purpose in coaching.

In fact, there is no limit to what can be included in coaching unless it relates to something from the past, then you need to seek specialists as coaching is about the present to the future. Here I am today and this is where I want to go and the key point WHY!

About me!

My biggest and most important role in my life is to be myself and it is a kind of freedom to say that,  I am myself, rather than defining myself based on work, family, education or something else. We are tame to define ourselves based on these factors, and like others and probably most of them, I play so many other roles that are part of me, who I am. I have chosen to be a wife and I am so lucky to be a mother who is a very responsible role and not everyone gets the opportunity to experience it. The role of parent has taught me so much and coaching has been one of the best parenting methods I have ever known. Other roles I have not chosen are like being a daughter, sister, niece, etc.


I did a lot of things before I became a head coach and I have extensive experience. I was not always sure what I wanted, for example I tried three high schools and ended up graduating from the Menntaskólinn in Kópavogur in 1995. Immediately after graduating, I moved to Germany for almost a year to master the language German. Tourism was on my mind during these years and I also completed a diploma from the Icelandic School of Tourism as a travel consultant and I worked as that longest. First in Iceland, later in Norway and again in Iceland from the years 1996 - 2014.


I started studying human resource management at the University of Iceland and studied diploma in Continuing Education and graduated in 2010. In 2009 I got my dream job or so I thought, and since the person has always been on my mind, I really wanted to work with the human resources of the company that did this job. However, it went differently than I thought and in 2014 I took my u-turn and learned coaching that was life-changing for me. I transform a lot in that learning process.


Today I am a MCC (Master Certified Coach) certified coach since May 2022. I have been self-employed since I chose to study coaching in 2014 and I also take on all kinds of exciting projects. As an example of a project I have participated in is e.g. to be a mentor / teacher in basic and advanced coaching at Evolvia ehf since the autumn of 2016, stopped that in 2021. I do coaching in primary schools and work on the implementation of coaching in the school system in Iceland with my ideal partner in the Coaching Heart which is a kind of charity. I think shorter and longer courses that I design myself and also in collaboration with others. Give lectures on the importance of listening to the inner voice etc. I have trained as a Kids Yoga teacher at Little Flower Yoga and also as a Yoga Nidra teacher at Jennifer Reis and I burn a lot for inner peace and leadership.


These tools help me get there and so I help others there too. My business group has so far been from different backgrounds, the most important thing for me is to know the method well (coaching) then you can coach anyone. I often say that I am a transformation coach or self-knowledge coach because I believe that everyone who takes the time to look inside contributes to the inner growth that supports us in transforming and becoming the best version of ourselves.

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